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Seems that this kinky lady not only enjoys submission, but loves to dominate as well!!! I love it!

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Country: USA Rating: 100

Author of this Review: PPaul2k

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Natali Demore

-----   Posted by Natali Demore on May, 07 , 2009      

Oh sexy slave Chanta Rose is excellent in slavery. I love seeing you as a slave Chanta. You really are a fucking bitch. I hope you rot in hell.
  Regards Natali Demore

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-----   Posted by ianrush on December, 25 , 2008      

Chanta Rose, you are too soft to be a mistress, why dont you keep as a slave,get tied, get tortured and soft moan in hardest treatment, that is you Chanta, and let your very long blond hair get loose, spreading at your face and tears down at your cheek while your hand are bound behind, and you are in half knell down and whip is singing in your back and your ass, how beautiful , Oke Chanta think of it

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-----   Posted by mariaSS on June, 04 , 2008      

she is great in any role but I prefer her as a submissive woman! Bondage Pussy Cat has her best photos for my taste

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-----   Posted by albert on February, 17 , 2008      

i love you

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